Welcome to La Font Vineuse Hotel & Spa, providing rooms with private jacuzzi, hammam, Spa, and a heated indoor pool. Formerly a natural sparkling water bottling plant, our magnificent building has been recently renovated in with a modern aesthetic yet retaining its antique and industrial charm.
Here is our story… In the last century, the fountain called “Font Vineuse” of Saint-Pierre d’Argençon, was known as a “Marvel of Dauphiné”. Our establishment was once a source of natural mineral sparkling water and was considered by some historians as one of the “7 wonders of Dauphiné”. Today, now totally renovated, we offer a new wonder for your enjoyment.
“The source water of the Font-Vineuse is a specific mineral water which is helpful against fevers, an upset stomache, and rheumatism. By passing over beds of ferruginous materials it contracts its slight acidulous taste. One which it shares with all sources of her kind, which does not even raise her to the honors of the wine of Surene and Brie, “said Salgues in 1811.
In 1731, M. Lancelot added that Ovid attributed the same quality to the Linceste river in Macedonia and to the island of Naxos, while the Baron de Ladoucette wrote: “Near Saint-Pierre-d’Argencon, It was also said that the lord of the place had built a chapel near this fountain where those who had been miraculously cured came Sell their thanksgiving.” In the last century, the fountain called “Font Vineuse” of Saint-Pierre d’Argençon, was a great success as a Merveille du Dauphiné.
“This source of mineral water, now La Font Vineuse Hotel & Spa, was famous at the beginning of last century and was recognized as one of the “”7 Wonders of Dauphiné”” by historians. The 7 Wonders of Dauphiné were a of grouping of picturesque sites in the region (Isère in particular), similar to the famous “”Wonders of the World””. During the height of its production period (1910/1912), the sparkling water plant worked year-round producing 1,800 liters per hour and with an annual production of 13 million liters. The process at that time was to reuse bottles––wash with filtered water, re-bottle, seal, and then once again ship them out.
Located on the D993 between the village of La Beaume and Saint-Pierre d’Argençon, La Font Vineuse, today, is a vast building which has been converted into a charming Hotel & Spa residence. Here the once famous mineral water still flows yet now for the tasteful pleasure of our visitors, who can now appreciate it through a faucet.
La Font Vineuse also is mentioned a mythological tale. The story goes, that the god Bacchus changed it into a vinous fountain at the moment when he thought himself certain of his triumph for the love of the nymph Anorrhoe.
Please feel free to contact us for any additional information or any special requests by e-mail: info@la-font-vineuse.com or by phone +33 6 79 14 51 85.

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